Throughput Costs Data

Cost per Flying Hour

An additional Throughput cost has been added, allowing costs to be determined per Flying Hour. This can be used on up to four different Throughput items.

Appropriation Categories

An inflation appropriation can now be associated with each Throughput item. This allows Throughput data to be updated automatically when the Cost Base Year is changed and also allows it to be included in the calculation of Then Year $ results.

Impact on Then Year $

Then Year $ can no longer be calculated for results sets that have been created through the Delta or Aggregation tools since Throughput appropriation categories cannot necessarily be matched up when multiple results sets are combined using these tools. If Then Year $ are required for Delta or Aggregation results then the individual results sets should be converted to Then Year $ before utilizing the Delta or Aggregation tools.

CAIG Element

Each Throughput item can now be allocated to any 1st level element of the CAIG results structure. A CAIG category or ‘Non O&S’ can be selected from the drop-down menu. To accommodate this feature a new results line has been added to the output for each 1st level CAIG element.

The Throughput Input Form
Throughput Input Form


View a demonstration of the Throughput Sector

If you have Flash installed you can View the Tutorial (opens in new window).If you do not have Flash installed you can Download the Tutorial and play the .exe file.