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OSCAM JSF Training Course

OSCAM JSF is the mechanism by which operating and support cost information is distributed to JSF International Partner Countries. OSCAM JSF is available to any persons nominated by JSF International Partner Program Offices, provided that they have undertaken an OSCAM JSF training course.

OSCAM JSF Help Files

OSCAM JSF v2 contains a comprehensive help facility that installed along with the software. This can be viewed via the Help menu. This is also available to users of the runtime version but the display of the contents may be blocked on some PCs if it has been downloaded from the internet. If this has occurred the Contents pane will show the help topics but page view will display "Navigation to the webpage was canceled". See here for Help on Unblocking the CHM file.

The OSCAM JSF v2 Post Analysis Tool and OSCAM JSF Import Export Tool both have help files in the form of PDFs. These are accessible from the Help button in the Custom Toolbar (Microsoft Excel 2003) or the OSCAM ribbon (Microsoft Excel 2007 & 2010). By default the PDF file will be checked for in the same directory as the spreadsheet but if it not found it is possible to select an alternative location for the file. If the help PDFs are missing from your PC you can download them with blank templates for the two tools.

New Features in OSCAM JSF v2

OSCAM JSF v2 is also available for anyone that has attended an OSCAM JSF v1 training course. A description of the OSCAM JSF v2 New Features provides OSCAM Air v1 users with information on the differences in the new version, as well as being a useful reminder for anyone that has undertaken OSCAM JSF v2 training.

OSCAM JSF v2 Tutorial Movies

A set of OSCAM JSF v2 movies are available that demonstrate the use of OSCAM JSF v2 for a variety of scenarios.