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An OSCAM JSF training course spans 3 days and is aimed at users who are new to the OSCAM JSF model or who would like a refresher. The course has been designed to provide trainees with enough knowledge of the OSCAM model to be able to conduct their own analyses, as well as the ability to populate OSCAM datasets and create alternative scenarios datasets.

The course covers the use of the OSCAM JSF software, the Post Analysis Tool and the Import Export Tool. It teaches trainees about the user interface and the underlying calculation through presentations and extensive use of case studies.

Who Should Consider OSCAM JSF Training?

OSCAM JSF training is open to people that are sponsored by the JSF international partner countries or the F-35 JPO. OSCAM JSF is the agreed mechanism by which partner countries will receive operating and support cost information. Training will allow access to the OSCAM JSF software and the appropriate country specific dataset (via the F-35 JPO).

Next OSCAM JSF Training Course

Attendance at OSCAM JSF training should be organized via the National Program Deputies. To discuss attendance at the course, or immediate training needs, please contact for more information.