OSCAM JSF Aircraft Picture

What Is OSCAM?

The Operating and Support Cost Analysis Model (OSCAM) began as a joint program in 1996 between the US and UK aimed at developing a model that estimated the O&S costs of Ships and Shipboard Systems and captured the interdependencies that exist between the cost elements across the program. Using System Dynamics, OSCAM represents the business processes that drive costs and their relationships to management policies in order to assess the impact of technical, operational, and programmatic decisions on the cost and availability of these assets. Since the inception of OSCAM, there have been subsequent product developments that not only enhanced the Ship and Shipboard Systems model, but established new product lines encompassing both Land and Air Vehicles. 


OSCAM JSF is a version of OSCAM that was specifically designed for the Joint Strike Fighter (F-35) program. The OSCAM JSF model is an Operating and Support (O&S) costing tool, available to JSF partner countries to assist them in developing CAIG based O&S cost estimates. The tool is a way of sharing data with partners and a way for partners to understand life cycle O&S cost analysis.

The simulation is controlled via a powerful user interface that allows selection and editing of data, running the simulation, analysis of results and a number of analysis tools, including risk analysis. The business processes are documented through interactive influence diagrams that are accessible via every input and output in the model. These diagrams ensure that OSCAM is not a black box and enables understanding and confidence in the outputs generated by the model.

OSCAM JSF v2 is designed to be flexible, so that it can be used to represent a wide range of scenarios for different partner countries. OSCAM JSF v2 also provides a number of choices on the level of detail that is required to populate a data record. OSCAM JSF v2 incorporated lessons learned and feedback from OSCAM users.  This updated model allows OSCAM to be used early on in the development process and then to grow as the program matures to include a more detailed representation of the program with enhanced model input flexibility.

Partner countries can make use of the datasets provided annually by the F-35 JPO to generate baseline cost estimates and make changes to input values to see the estimates for alternative scenarios. OSCAM contains powerful analysis tools to investigate the differences between estimates and to perform uncertainty analysis around input values. OSCAM JSF v2 specifies all inputs and outputs in US$, but the OSCAM JSF Post Analysis Tool allows outputs to be converted to other currencies using fixed or annualized exchange rates, and allows the definition of inflation categories for calculating annual cash outputs.

OSCAM JSF is available to those who have undertaken OSCAM JSF training. Country specific OSCAM JSF datasets will be made available via the JSF Program Office.

The contact address for the OSCAM JSF Help Desk is: Use this address for OSCAM JSF technical enquiries and registration unlock codes.